And the quest begins on the less trodden path…

“Human contribution is the essential ingredient, It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live”

Welcome to the beginning of my journey, the quest to continue the search for the Syrian Refugees. The journey starts long before my arrival in Turkey, God willing, and involves much preparation and efforts in the areas of fundraising and planning before the departure date. I have been awaiting this moment for a long time and I am  ecstatic that the time has come to transform my dream into a real life experience. It wasn’t easy getting here, especially without having the full support that I truly wished to have. It all started with my passion to help people and make a difference in their lives. People often perceive helping others as though they’re doing the one in need a favor. In actuality, the one in need is doing us a favor by allowing us to reap so much reward and to grow as individuals and better ourselves in order to further our understanding of life. My past job involved working with troubled teens, and that brought me the most rewarding feeling at the end of every workday. I cannot begin to imagine what kinds of emotions will be awakened in me by helping to provide relief to the Syrian people. Beginning with a spark of passion, evolving into a goal and now becoming a reality.

My biggest motivator in life, particularly during the times of the Syrian movement is my dear father. He has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across and from the moment this turmoil began in Syria, he dedicated most of his time, if not all to the Syrian meetings, planning events, protests and doing everything he can in attempt to make a difference. I will never forget the sleepless nights spent in pain which my family and I endured; thinking about and praying for the Syrian people and all those oppressed around the world. My father would wake up at 5 am and not return until midnight. Later in our discussions, I could sense the pain in his words and see it through his eyes. I know that my father is so proud of what I am doing and I am going to continue in the footsteps he began along the journey to help the Syrian people. I will make you proud baba.


For those who are wandering what happened, my father suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in November of 2012. He is Alhamdulillah home with us now, and doing much better everyday and forever we are grateful for any progress he has made, large or small.

Everything to make this trip possible is in the making and I am anxiously anticipating the day I will be on my flight to Turkey in search for the Syrian refugees. I hold a mix of many good and bad emotions. Where to start? I know what I want and need to do but how does it all come together? This very question had me second guessing doing this trip from the beginning and although often times I’m full of certainty, at times doubts flood my mind. SubhanAllah how everything seems so unreachable and impossible to accomplish until one makes up their mind and lets nothing get in the way.

I booked my ticket a few days later and I knew then that there’s no going back. Now that I am set mentally, I have to plan the fundraising in order to be able to do what I can in Turkey and thankfully so far it has been a success. I have sent out an email to my family and friends explaining what I will be doing and also going to events, planning events and fundraising as much as possible. Please stay tuned for upcoming events and the first of them being a Walk4Syria. All the money that has been raised will go solely to the Refugee families. I will be going to Turkey as a Tourist only and it won’t be public information that I am there to help Refugee families. I am hoping that this will be the best way. I have made several connections with people in Istanbul to the south of the border in my search for the refugee families. I will only be going for 2 weeks so I need to make the most of my time there. I will arrive in Istanbul and from there head to Gaziantep, Rehanilye and hopefully some camps. There are no guarantees as to how many camps I’ll be able to reach but what I will promise every donor is that your donations will reach the refugees, God willing. The time has come to do what I have been wanting to do for so long but that hesitation wasn’t allowing me due to my young daughter and safety concerns. I know in my heart and soul that this is where I need to be just for a short period of time and that this is what I have to do. This journey has been done before by Sama Wareh among others and those individuals are guiding me step-by-step through this journey to ensure that your money reaches the refugees. None of the money raised will go towards myself or my expenses during this trip.  I am fully aware of the refugee camp site locations in order to deliver the money to them safely. You can check out Sama’s blog at  I put my full trust in God that He will protect me and have what is best in store for my Family and I. Thank you all in advance for your generosity and support!

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